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Cone Chair

Cone Chair was the culmination of thesis prep.  This chair was designed using grasshopper and rhino with a large consideration given to the creation process.  The mold making process utilized robotic foam cutting technology to create the mold which was poured using a GFRC mix.

Collaborators: Ryan Cohn

Advisors: Tsz Ng, Wes McGee, SOM BlackBox Group

Parametric Modelling

The design utilized grasshopper in order to easily change design elements while achieving our main goals of maintaining a reasonable weight, while creating an elegant design.


Mold Making Process

The mold creation process involved the use of a 7 axis Kuka Robot to cut blocks of EPS foam.  There were 7 robotic cuts to create a 6 part foam mold. This mold was then coated with a sealing agent and sandwiched between CNC cut plywood boards.

Final Concrete Object

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