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Connected Streets

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Connected Streets is a market and housing complex situated within the large Eastern Market in Detroit. The diverse program includes 126 units, a 194,031 sq-ft market, and 330 parking spots. On the whole, Connected Streets is an attempt to maximize the synergies found within an ever changing, growing, and diverse city part of the city. The project retains the existing connection between market sheds while adding more enclosed market. The project also retains the current site's 200 parking spots while adding 130 spots reserved for the apartments. While the large amount of parking required for many projects is often seen as  detriment we have chosen to use it to our advantage, giving the apartments height while not creating ground level parking which would interfere with the pedestrian experience.

Collaborators: Apurva Muralidhar, Harshwardhan Saini

Advisors: Lars Graebner and Christina Hansen

Overall Section
elevations large scale
Wall Section1
Wall Section2
Roof Perspective
Market Perspective 2 STRAIGHT
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