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Hanoi New Quarter

This project's goal was to create a new urban living condition for 30,000 people in Hanoi Vietnam.  The proposal sought to learn from the vibrancy of the Hanoi Old Quarter which is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Vietnam, but it has changed drastically in the past 20 years, going from historic 2-3 story tube house to a much denser 4-6 stories. In order to protect the buildings that are left the Hanoi government has decided no new buildings are to be built in the quarter. Unfortunately, this has not stopped the population growth and the area is now experiencing a major overcrowding problem. 

The Hanoi New Quarter proposal is a satellite city to house overcrowded citizens currently living in the Old Quarter. The proposal mirrors a government effort to relocate 30,000 citizens from the Old Quarter into an equally vibrant and economically sustaining life. The chosen site is an abandoned industrial site. The future city attempts to create a truly vertical environment while learning from the characteristics that make the Old Quarter so attractive to its residents.

Advisor: Claudia Wigger

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