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Keystone at the Crossroads

2020 IAH Competition Finalist

This project was done as part of the 2020 Innovation in Affordable Housing competition hosted by HUD.  The competition challenges architects, planners, public health, and business/real estate development majors to come together and create a real world solution to a specific sites housing development strategy.  This year's site was in Santa Fe, New Mexico working with the Santa Fe County Housing Authority.  Given emerging trends within Santa Fe County we chose to prioritize accessibility, health and childcare services, and multi-generational programming to create a livable community that addresses the needs of modern family structures and residents of all ages.

Team: Joshua Childs (MPP/MURP), Bryan Hicks (M.Arch), Amelia Linde (M.Arch/MUD), Sam Kollar (MURP), Jessica Yelk (M.Arch/MURP)

Advisors: Lan Deng and Claudia Wigger

Board 3- 06 - Community Ecology
4 - Locally integrated (6)
Board 5 - Environmentally Sustainable3
Board 6 - Socially Inclusive2
Board 7 - Financially Sound
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